Interpreting into English for non-native listeners

English is the lingua franca. More and more people speak English in a professional setting, therefore also during technical conferences. While there has been extensive research and numerous articles on interpreting non-native English speakers, the other end of this phenomenon also deserves consideration: non-native English listeners.

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Relay Interpreting

Relay interpreting forms part of the everyday lives of many conference interpreters. While being very useful, relay interpreting can be a technical challenge for the interpreters. This problem has reached a new level in remote interpreting. In late 2019, I participated in a week-long relay interpreting training course. In this blog post, I would like to share with you the needs of the client/listener, but also of fellow colleagues. What makes a good interpretation, what makes a good pivot?

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Posting times in social media marketing

Due to the different platforms' algorithms, not all of your followers will get to see all of your posts. Outreach success depends to a large extent on when you are publishing your content. Find out what time periods and slots have proven most successful.

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