Posting times in social media marketing

Posting times in social media marketing

If you want your content to reach your target audience, not only the subject, text and visual matter, but also the time when you post. We often wonder why we get to see certain posts, whereas others remain hidden in the depth of the social network. The same is likely to happen to your posts – only because somebody follows you does not mean they get to see your every post. Nonetheless, there are some tricks for increasing the likelihood of your post to be seen by as many people as possible – depending on the time that you chose for posting your content.

When is the language industry online?

There are many sources that claim there are specific preferable posting times for each network, type of content and target group (cf. e.g this website). Yet, this generalised approach disregards the fact that your follower group is not homogenuos, they are likely to come from different countries and also time zones, and, what matters most for us, freelancers have a different online behaviour than other target groups. Particularly interpreters and translators who work from home tend to be online in the morning, before noon, and not mainly in the afternoon as often said to be true for your average follower. On the basis of my experience with personal and business accounts in the language sector, I would recommend the following posting times for your pages or accounts:

Pro tip

In addition to these generic time slots, you should look into your specific target group. The platforms allow for insights into when your followers are online most. Look for the analysis section of your account and do some research on when your followers spend most time online. This will allow you to adapt your post schedule in a way that is most likely to generate the largest outreach for you.

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