The benefits of social media marketing

The benefits of social media marketing

You have had social media accounts for a while and wonder how you could use them for the benefit of your small business or freelance career? Chances are that you have been using them to this end already without even noticing it. Social media marketing is much more than, and actually contrary to regular marketing and advertising. Due to its low-budget opportunities, this marketing option has a lot in store for smaller businesses. Let’s see how it works and how you can get the most out of it.

Source: Digital 2020

Social media marketing is a subtle way of promoting your business or yourself as an expert in a certain area and usually takes a while until you can reap its benefits. Nonetheless, using the organic (unpaid) outreach to your advantage makes a lot of sense. Nowadays, we increasingly expect companies, also small businesses and freelancers, to be represented on social media and tend to be surprised if no trace is to be found. Through social media, by sharing added-value content, you can create your own community and establish yourself, be it among colleagues or with potential clients. You can also keep in touch with your target group and exchange views and information.

To this end, different approaches are required depending on your target group. If you aim at new clients, insightful explanatory posts about your profession on LinkedIn show that you are a true expert and can increase potential trust in your business, whereas contributions to critical discussions among professionals from your industry can raise awareness for your services among colleagues. What’s really important is staying true to yourself, focusing on high-quality, added value instead of self-promotion and being authentic. Social media is all about emotions. This way, you can either work on your branding or network with others.

However, it’s not only about getting yourself out there – social media marketing is also a lot about the input. You can easily keep track of current trends, keep an eye on your competitors and learn about the interests and needs of your target group through social listening.

Another important factor is cross-promotion. Trying to get more people to check out your website? Connect social media posts to relevant content on your website and let your social media accounts do the magic (no click-baiting, please). Also, social media marketing can improve your search-engine rankings, as studies have shown. Cross-linking to and from your website as well as follower-shared content have an impact on your ranking.

This leads me to the last important element of social media marketing: not only can you promote your business without spending a single penny through organic growth; if your content is interesting enough, others will share it for you. However, strategic investments in platform ads can also contribute majorly.

That’s it, plenty of good reasons for stepping up your social media game. But high-quality content is also a lot of work. If you don’t have the time or feel like developing a social media strategy and corporate identity is too demanding, you can always ask an expert for help – like me. Get in touch, I am happy to step up your game!

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